10 Reasons International Ice Cream Day is Better Than Most Holidays

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You love ice cream, right? Of course you do...why else would you be here? Well, it’s International Ice Cream Day, which obviously sounds like a pretty amazing holiday to celebrate. What exactly is this holiday all about? Well, it’s just what you’d imagine: a day for ice cream lovers to celebrate their favourite frozen treat. In case you’re still not convinced how sweet this day is, we’ve come up with some cold, hard facts why International Ice Cream Day is better than most other holidays.

  1. Better Than: New Year’s

    You don’t have to stay up past your bedtime to celebrate.

  2. Better Than: Houseplant Appreciation Day

    You’re not supposed to eat your houseplants, but you can definitely eat ice cream.

  3. Better Than: Valentine’s Day

    No sweetheart? No problem! Ice cream is a guaranteed sweet date.

  4. Better Than: St. Patrick’s Day

    There’s no need to dig up your shamrock t-shirt from the bottom of your closet.

  5. Better Than: April Fool’s Day

    Not today, pranksters!

  6. Better Than: Sleepyhead Day

    The last person to wake up gets a bucket of water thrown on their head? No thanks!

  7. Better Than: Halloween

    Does anyone actually like cleaning out a pumpkin?

  8. Better Than: Thanksgiving

    Uncle Larry’s bad jokes are not welcome today.

  9. Better Than: Winter Solstice

    Winter is great, but the shortest day of the year doesn’t sound better than ice cream.

  10. Better Than: Christmas

    Wrapping up ice cream is strictly optional.