8 Back-to-School Reasons to Get Ice Cream Delivery


It’s back-to-school time (yay!), which also means the end of summer vacation (boo!). School can mean seeing all your friends again, but it can also mean a lot of homework. We think celebrating your achievements and accomplishments is very important, and what better way to give yourself (or your roommate) a gold star than having Ben & Jerry’s delivered as a well-deserved treat? Need another excuse? We’ve got 8 back-to-school reasons why you should get ice cream delivery for your studious student.

  1. Your dog didn’t eat your homework. That’s right, you did it!

  2. You made a goal in gym class...for the first time EVER!

  3. You studied hard...just in time for that pop quiz. You were so ready.

  4. You think you aced that math test you were stressed about. Gold star !

  5. Because you got an A on your short story about working hard to earn what you really want...which happens to be ice cream.

  6. Because you actually studied during study hall instead of gossiping with your bestie, which is why you aced that math test.

  7. You’ve got two tests to study for AND three papers to write, and you could really use a boost to get you through.

  8. Simply because starting a new school year can be fun, scary, overwhelming, and a lot of work. You made it, and you deserve to be rewarded!